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Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage

There are countless books on the market about hydrofracking for natural gas, but they are all science-based and have little to do about the impact it has on the people. Fracking companies walk into your town and offer you piles of money to frack your land, but it has impact far beyond monetary.

Stephanie Hamel and her husband were approached by a company looking to allow hydrofracking on their land. That involves infecting high pressure fracking chemicals into the ground so companies can get easier access to natural gas deposits.

Hamel had a Ph.D. in environmental science and knew the dangers of fracking not only for the environment, but also for the people in her community. Her convictions told her to deny it, but there were dollar signs in her eyes. She also knew about special laws that would allow companies to draw offer her land by going through the neighbor.

This way the company still gets her commodity without paying her a dime. While Hamel weighed the decision and talked about it with friends, family and colleagues, the patience of her husband was tested because he had no problem signing the rights as soon as possible.

This is an interesting memoir that is both emotional and light hearted. It shows how something such as fracking can fracture far more than the ground and have a tremendous impact on the people. Hamel struggled with the decision for a long and for every second she waited, her marriage became more and more tumultuous.